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A bathroom renovation can require you to make all types of tough decisions, from the color of the walls and tiles to flooring and window treatments. But in many cases, homeowners often struggle with knowing what to do with their shower/tub area or what design options are available. Do you want a new walk-in shower, complete with a frameless glass shower door and glass enclosure? Or do you have a tub and shower combo that you want to update with a frameless shower door, to show off the beautiful tile work in your bathroom? And if so, is it okay to just buy a stock door from a local home improvement store?

For many homeowners struggling with these decisions, it’s important to learn about the benefits of installing a custom glass shower door in Arlington and why having a custom frameless shower door and enclosure installed by experts is crucial to the look, feel, and overall results of your new bathroom.

Custom Design Glass Shower Doors Arlington

We’re all familiar with the standard framed shower doors and enclosures of the past. Typically, when most people think about their old framed shower door, it often brings to mind a few things:

  • Soap scum
  • Rust
  • Mold & mildew

With a frameless shower door and glass enclosure, you won’t have to deal with a frame, which eliminates many of the common problems people associate with their outdated showers. Instead, you’ll get a beautiful new shower setup that will open up your bathroom space, allow more light to flow in, and a shower that features a low-maintenance design.

But you need to hire a glass company that has experience with fabricating and installing custom doors and enclosures, otherwise, you may end up with a poor-fitting door and glass panels, which can result in gaps, poor seals, and leaks.

Expert Installation for Glass Shower Doors & Glass Shower Enclosures

Installing custom shower enclosures and frameless shower doors requires a high level of expertise and experience, which is why this type of job is not recommended for the DIYer. Instead, let the pros install your custom door to ensure it’s done correctly the first time. These doors are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and textures, and therefore, need to be installed by a professional to ensure every seal is watertight and seamless.

A Custom Fit and a Quality Shower for Your Unique Bathroom

At Wise Glass, we can design and custom-build any type of frameless glass shower door and glass enclosure for your unique bathroom space, ranging from standard tub slider units and steam showers to multi-panel enclosures with beautiful frameless shower glass doors. Our enclosures are manufactured from heavy-duty tempered glass and you can choose from a variety of glass styles including clear, ultra-clear, frosted, and patterned. Our doors and enclosures are made out of the finest materials available and each enclosure and door is installed with great precision by our experienced and skilled glass contractors.

Bathroom Design Process & Shower Door Installation

The team at Wise Glass offers a wide range of customization options and will work directly with you to help you choose a door and enclosure that will create the bathroom retreat you’ve always wanted. Do you want a simple frameless shower door for your existing shower or are you considering a new shower door and glass enclosure for an upgraded look?

We can discuss design options for shower door replacements, new shower door hardware, and what will work for your unique bathroom space, style preferences, and budget.

Our installation process is fast and efficient, thanks to our skilled installers who are highly trained to handle all types of complex projects and applications. At our shower door company, client satisfaction is our goal and our installers are trained to provide high-quality outcomes.

Key Features and Benefits of Custom Glass Shower Doors

Our custom shower doors not only look great but come with several benefits that most homeowners are looking for, including:

  • A low maintenance design makes these doors very easy to clean
  • Glass that is ⅜” to ½” thick, for improved durability
  • Tight water seals to prevent leaks
  • A frameless design that eliminates rust, mold, soap scum, and mildew problems
  • Beautiful glass that eliminates sightline obstructions and shows off the tile in your shower

If these benefits are exactly what you’re looking for with a shower upgrade or remodel, it’s time to contact the pros at Wise Glass today.

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At Wise Glass LLC, we specialize in designing and installing the finest quality glass shower doors and enclosures in Arlington. Our expertise in custom shower door design and installation and excellent customer service is what make us one of the leading glass companies in the state. If you want to upgrade your shower or design a glass shower enclosure for your bathroom remodel, our team of designers and contractors can help you make your dream bathroom a reality. Contact us today to get a free quote.

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