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Backlit VS. Front-lit Mirror Style: Which One is Better?

Gone are the days when homeowners and designers had few options and relied on standard mirrors in bathrooms and living rooms. Interior designers used a richly carved wooden frame to hold the mirror when people had extra money back then.

But not any longer! The home décor industry has advanced significantly, and every imaginable accessory that graces your home has undergone a significant change in appearance and functionality.

A well-lit mirror in any room of your home can serve as the focal point of that space and completely transform its appearance.

When choosing a custom mirrors for your rooms, you have three practical options: standard, backlit and front-lit mirrors; both are illuminated mirrors. Before you decide which mirror works best for your space, you need to know the benefits of both. Let’s delve deeper into the matter.

What Is a Backlit Mirror?

Thanks to the endeavors of designers and technicians, people have several mirror options to pick from. These will not only add character to your room but also illuminate the space.

Backlit mirrors are similar to LED bathroom mirrors and are ideal if you want the same effects but have a limited budget. Backlit mirrors are designed with light bulbs hidden behind the mirror; the lights are mounted at the back.

As a result, the manufacturers can install the lights in various ways. Backlit mirrors can be found in restrooms, restaurants, and larger spaces. The soft light or warm glow emitted from the back of these mirrors makes it simple to apply makeup.

What Is a Front-lit Mirror?

The bulbs for the front-lit mirror can also be installed beneath the glass or on the mirror’s sides, with the light projected through a frosted portion of the glass or semi-opaque material. This is referred to as an edge-lit mirror or a front-lit mirror. The light bulbs in these mirrors are encased, so there is no backlighting effect.

When the LEDs in illuminated mirrors are activated, they emit a soft light that can range from warm white to cooler white, depending on the model and customer preferences.

On the other hand, edge-lit mirrors don’t always need a wall behind them. This allows for a broader range of designs, from freestanding mirrors to more compact makeup mirrors that can be placed on top of a table.


Similarities Between a Front-lit Mirror and a Backlit Mirror 

Backlit and front-lit mirrors are the same in that they both have electricity-powered lights. Furthermore, they share the same lighting effect, features, and practical and decorative functions.

Here’s a closer look at some of these similarities.

– Backlit and front-lit mirrors are installed with LED bulbs and make these mirrors light up. This is why they both fall in the category of illuminated mirrors.

– Electricity is required for both types of illuminated mirrors to work

– Both lighted mirrors provide ample lighting for grooming tasks

– Both lighted mirrors perform the same practical functions, the most important of which is to illuminate your face evenly. These LED mirrors provide the soft, balanced lighting required for a successful grooming routine.

Pros and Cons of Using a Front-lit Mirror 

Bathrooms and living rooms already have some lighting fixtures mounted on the walls. These illuminate the entire space. You can use a variety of lighting types in your bathroom of your preference. 

Pros of Using Front-lit mirrors

These LED lights use up to 80 percent less energy, thus saving you money on your monthly energy bills. They are energy efficient.

– The best part of these unique mirrors is that you can find the perfect size for your room.

– Another advantage of these mirrors is that you can customize these. You can ask the carpenter to fix this mirror on a cabinet. So, you will get an additional storage counter in the bathroom mirror cabinets.

– Fog-Free LED bathroom mirror: The glasses used to manufacture the LED mirrors easily resist fog. So, you can take a long hot shower and step in front of the mirror without worrying about wiping off the mist.

Cons of front-lit mirrors

The LED strip on the front of the mirror means you get a slightly obstructed view when using it. 

– These decorative lighted mirrors are not as subtle as the backlit mirror. However, this mirror is an excellent choice if you want something bold for your bathroom. The backlit mirror may be a better choice if you are looking for something delicate.

Pros and Cons of Using a Backlit Mirror 

When you walk into a room with backlit mirrors, you will feel like you have entered a magical place. The light source is located at the back of the mirror, creating a shadow effect. It’s difficult to deny that these mirrors are lovely and add to the charm of the restroom.

Pros of using LED Backlit mirrors:

–  The light source is evenly installed at the back of the glass; you will get a uniform light. Uniform lighting fixtures illuminate any space better.

– With the backlit mirrors, you can bid farewell to the hefty power bills. The backlit mirrors are not only cost-effective but will also save power.

– When the light shines from the back of the mirror, casting a shadow on the wall, you will get a dramatic feel. The technique is perfect for adding much-needed depth to the room’s beautification.

Cons of Backlit Bathroom Mirror:

Some designs can be expensive, and the installation can be challenging if you choose a complicated model.

The worst-case scenario for lighted bathroom mirror owners (aside from breaking) is for the mirror to start acting up. For instance, the touch sensors may stop working, and the light may fail to turn on, and so on. 

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