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Benefits of Safety Glass for Showers

Tempered glass is commonly used in many different applications for businesses and homes. But what makes this glass so special?

Tempered glass is not manufactured in the same way traditional glass is. To improve the strength of the glass, tempered glass is cooled down quickly during the manufacturing process. The tempering process changes the properties of the glass, so if the glass were to break it will not shatter into sharp shards like annealed glass will. Instead, if tempered glass is broken, it will shatter into pellets. This prevents serious injuries that often occur when dealing with annealed broken glass. But there are many more benefits to purchasing a shower door made out of tempered glass, which we’ll go over below. 

  1. A Safer Choice for Your Home 

As you can see above, tempered glass is a safer choice for shower doors. The glass itself is stronger and resists breakage. The sharp pieces of regular glass can cause severe injuries and can also be dangerous and difficult to clean up, while the pebble-like blunt pieces of broken tempered glass will prevent injuries and makes the glass easier to clean. 

  1. Durable Design 

Tempered glass is less likely to break because it’s strengthened during the manufacturing process. The strength of the glass means that it can easily handle heavy-duty daily use. In fact, it can even withstand strong winds, inclement weather, and impacts, which is why it’s commonly used in commercial settings. 

  1. Scratch Resistant 

This glass is perfect for shower doors as it’s more resistant to scratches and can withstand normal wear and tear. The use of tempered glass in shower doors ensures that your shower will remain looking clear and flawless year after year. 

  1. Heat Resistant 

When standard glass is exposed to heat it can shatter, which can make for a dangerous situation. Tempered safety glass is able to withstand high temperatures, due to the unique manufacturing process the glass undergoes. Because shower glass is exposed to hot water, it’s crucial that you have a shower door made out of tempered glass. 

  1. Versatile 

Due to the strength of the glass, it can be used for so much more than shower glass doors. Tempered glass is required for use in frameless shower doors and other types of frameless structures such as commercial doors and partitions. The use of this glass adds a stylish look to both commercial and residential spaces. The glass is also available in a wide range of designs and patterns, so you can customize your shower by choosing unique glass etching designs that will show off your unique personal style. 

Quality All the Way 

Offering outstanding results in and out of the home, tempered glass is also high quality. When you choose a frameless glass shower door that’s made out of this type of safety glass, you’ll have peace of mind knowing this safe, durable, and heat-resistant glass has what it takes to handle daily use and will still look beautiful and scratch-free for years to come. 

Work With an Experienced Glass Company 

At Wise Glass, we create beautiful, durable custom glass shower doors and enclosures made from only the finest quality tempered glass. With our years of experience, our skilled glass contractors can create the perfect glass shower door for your home, made from high-quality tempered glass that’s designed to last. 

If you’re interested in learning about the different design options available, our team can visit your home to take accurate measurements of your bathroom and shower space and recommend shower door styles that will compliment your bathroom, while adding functionality and value to your home. 

Contact Wise Glass Today 

If you’ve decided to make an important upgrade to your home, the team at Wise Glass can help you design the perfect frameless shower enclosure for your bathroom space, using only the finest tempered glass. Contact our office today to get a free quote and schedule a consultation with one of our knowledgeable and experienced glass contractors. Our team can meet with you to discuss your shower needs, budget, and vision for the perfect bathroom.

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