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Cost-Benefit Analysis: Are Frameless Shower Doors Worth the Investment?

No matter what your current bathroom setup is, you’ve probably considered the variety of options available for upgrading your shower at some point. And a great way to transform your shower is by replacing the current shower door panels with frameless shower doors.

But while this configuration is an excellent option that provides plenty of aesthetic benefits, does it add enough financial benefit to make a frameless design cost-effective? Let’s explore that question below!

Improvements Can Increase Resale Value

Perhaps the first question you may ask about frameless glass shower doors is the most important: do they add value to your home?

The simple answer is, yes! According to Angi (formerly Angie’s List), the average ROI on a bathroom remodel is 72.7%, meaning you can recoup nearly three-quarters of the cost of an average bathroom remodeling project through added value to your home!

Out of the various bathroom projects available to the typical homeowner, upgrading the shower is one of the most lucrative ways to maximize resale value. And when it comes to transforming your shower for the better, it’s hard to beat the convenience, accessibility, and design perks that come with a frameless shower door design. 

Let In More Light

Frameless shower doors can make even a compact bathroom seem as if it has extra space. This benefit is due in large part to the fact that the transparent nature of a frameless shower door replacement lets more natural lighting flow through your entire bathroom.

Without any bulky frames or cumbersome hinges and dividers in the way (unlike with traditional showers), your sightline is uninterrupted as you view your minimalist bathroom. Similarly, being able to see straight into your shower rather than through a dingy curtain will be a major improvement for many owners!

And apart from purely aesthetic concerns (as important as those are), a greater amount of natural lighting can also be beneficial for your health (more Vitamin D and better sleep, anyone?). Who said all the perks on this list had to be monetary?

Update Your Bathroom Aesthetics

Do you want to feel like you live in a spa, or even just show off your new tile work in your master bathroom? Either way, installing a frameless shower door set will give your bathroom a modern design and make it look sleek and stylish.

Without any of the heavy metal edges common with other frame types, frameless shower doors offer a streamlined appearance while maintaining a high level of accessibility and ease of use. Treat yourself to a spa-like experience each time you step through your transparent glass shower doors and into your classy new shower area.

Combined with the potential for a softer color scheme and more natural lighting, a contemporary glass shower door configuration can boost your bathroom’s design in a major way.

Cut Down on Maintenance Time

Tired of scrubbing down that old plastic shower curtain you’ve been using for yours? Want an easier way to clean your existing framed doors if you have them? Since they don’t have any tracks and don’t collect water, frameless glass shower enclosures are less likely to have grime and mold buildup compared to conventional framed shower door styles.

Frameless glass can greatly reduce the amount of time you need to spend cleaning and maintaining the sanitary and visual aspects of your shower space. Simple glass cleaner and water can be enough to wipe down your hinged shower doors or sliding frameless glass, leaving you with more time and energy to focus on more important things.

Be Mindful of the Shower Door Pricing Scale

It’s true that frameless shower door design and installation can be pricier than some framed options. However, as mentioned above, you’ll likely be able to recoup most of your cost in added resale value on your home. Plus, the enhanced performance, superior design, and ease of use associated with frameless glass doors are all great shower door advantages that can more than make up for your initial investment.

And if you outsource the work to a trusted glass door provider, you can be confident that your project will be completed to your satisfaction without any costly mistakes during the process.

Things to Consider Before Installation

Before diving into a shower door remodeling project by yourself or with the help of a glass expert, you should take certain factors into account. For instance, have a glass specialist measure your bathroom space to determine the exact specifications for your desired shower door installation project.

You’ll also want to consider the current ventilation system in your bathroom (which is important for avoiding the development of mold, mildew, and the like), pick an appropriate shower head to match your chosen shower design, and make sure the frameless shower configuration you want will fit in with your current bathroom layout.

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