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Custom Mirrors

Custom Mirrors

Transform your bathroom by just replacing your mirrors

When it comes to mirrors we have you covered. We offer a wide variety of mirror products. from floating mirrors to full-sized mirrors. Full-sized wall mirrors are the hottest trend around right now for mirrors. If you are looking for mirrors for a home gym or just a standard bathroom mirror we have those as well.

Let us help you design and create your new custom mirrors. Get a quick mirror estimate by texting us at  (682) 688-8815. We proudly serve the Hurst & Fort Worth Area. 

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Many big box home improvement stores carry a wide range of mirrors, but if you need a beautiful mirror that will complement your home and personal style, you need to go to a professional glass and mirror company. This is especially important if you want a specific type of mirror that matches your decor and personal taste and works with your budget. At Wise Glass, we offer an array of mirrors and custom design options, so you’re sure to get the exact mirror you want and need. We can take measurements of the available space in your home and design a mirror that is cut to the exact size and exact specifications you need, based on your needs, budget, and style preferences.


Custom Bathroom Mirror Installation

The right mirrors can brighten and lighten your home, while making smaller spaces, such as your bathroom, appear larger and more open. Custom bathroom mirrors are especially important when it comes to a person’s daily routine, which is why choosing a high-quality custom mirror is crucial. At Wise Glass, we have extensive experience installing mirrors in cramped and tricky spaces and can take on any custom design challenges.

Custom mirrors can make your bathroom vanity pop. You can choose unique and creative shapes to add a special touch to your space and bring more natural light into the bathroom. Whether you want a beveled edge mirror, contemporary mirror, or another type of unique decorative mirror, at Wise Glass, we offer many design and decor options and can create a custom cut mirror that can instantly transform your bathroom. 

Upgrade Your Bathroom Vanity

Your bathroom doesn’t have to be boring. A custom bathroom vanity mirror can instantly upgrade your space, brighten the room, make it appear larger, and showcase your unique taste. At Wise Glass, our goal is to help you instantly transform your dated bathroom vanity with an affordable mirror makeover.

Many people don’t even consider buying a custom vanity mirror or how one can instantly transform their vanity, at a price that’s affordable, as opposed to replacing the entire vanity. At Wise Glass, we can help you choose a new mirror shape and size that will complement your bathroom, and breathe new life into your vanity. Our expert workmanship, extensive experience with mirror fabrication and design, allow us to create the perfect mirror for your home. 

Edge Types

Mirror edge types can prevent potential injuries and can also add elegance and beauty to your custom mirror.

There are a variety of edge types to choose from, including:

Polished Edge Mirror 

Polished edge  is often used on furniture, tabletops, and mirrors.

The polished texture protects against injuries that are often associated with abrasive and sharp corners, making polished edge mirrors a great choice for mirrors used in homes with small children. 

Pencil Satin Edge

This type of semi-polished rounded edge has a statin or matte-type sheen that makes it a great choice for mirrors and light-colored surfaces.

large custom mirror in white bathroom
A beautiful renovated bathroom with a wood cabinet, white granit

Flat-Edge/Flat Polished Edge

Also referred to as machine-polished edge, the flat-edge provides a finished look that you’ll commonly find on mirrors, glass dividers, and retail cases. Due to the simplistic and refined characteristics, the flat polished edge appears thicker and it’s often used for glass that’s ¼ inch thick or thicker.

Beveled Polished Edge

A beveled polished edge is cut into the glass at an angle using a specific bevel width. This can reduce the thickness of the glass at the beveled edges, however, the rest of the mirror will remain at the standard thickness.

Seamed Edge

A mirror with a seamed edge will have the edges sanded down to remove any sharp edges, making it safer to handle the mirror. This type of edge is commonly chosen for mirrors that will have their edges hidden by a frame.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This can all depend on the size of the mirror, style, edge, and the complexity of the design. Framed mirrors can also be pricey, depending on the cut, size, and the materials used for the frame.

A household mirror is typically coated with metal on the back. Layers of silver and aluminum are often used due to their reflectivity. Silver is more reflective than aluminum, reflecting 95% of light, while aluminum reflects approximately 90% of light. Both silver and aluminum are excellent choices for mirror use.

If you’re looking for a more affordable mirror or you’re concerned about cost, acrylic mirrors can be a good option. Mirrors that are made out of acrylic can be cut into custom shapes and feature a shatterproof design that works well in children’s rooms and other areas of the home.

Acrylic mirrors are much lighter than glass, making them easier to move around and they put less pressure on the surface you attach them to compared to glass. However, acrylic is not as reflective as glass and is more prone to warping, especially if the mirror is installed outside or in a moist environment in the home, such as a bathroom.

A good mirror should be a minimum of 1⁄4 of an inch thick. Typically, you’ll come across mirrors that are 1/4/, 1/8/, or 3/16 of an inch thick. In most cases, mirrors used for home decor should be ¼ of an inch.

Beveled mirrors have edges that are cut and polished to a specific size and angle, for a framed, elegant look. Beveled edges on a mirror leaves the mirror thinner around the edges, while the rest of the mirror will still have the standard ¼ inch thickness. Beveled mirrors are not necessarily better, but they do have a more custom, elegant look that can complement any room in your home.