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Dealing With Leaks Around Shower Glass Doors

Before you can attempt to repair your shower door water leak yourself, you must track down the cause. There are many reasons a door can leak, depending on the layout and design of the glass shower enclosure. 

Locating a Water Leak 

To identify the shower door leak locations, you’ll need to turn on the shower and examine the door from the outside and watch where the water appears first. In some cases, there will be multiple locations where the water is leaking. 

The most common areas you’ll find leaks include: 

  • Bottom of the door
  • The area where the door meets the wall
  • Shower door seal and hinges

Common Causes of Leaking Shower Doors 

Frameless glass shower doors can leak for many reasons. While leaking is more common in older shower doors, newly installed doors can also begin to leak shortly after installation. 

Improper Installation 

Misaligned doors or improper installation can leave large gaps that allow water to flow out of the shower area and onto your floor. 

Shower Curb Isn’t Inclined Properly

Shower curbs are approximately two to three inches high and are designed to keep water inside the shower area. Curbs lean slightly inwards to prevent the water from flowing out of the shower area. A shower curb without the proper incline can result in leaks. 

Misaligned or Damaged Door Sweep 

Door sweeps are installed to prevent water from flowing outside the door. Loose or broken door sweeps that are installed at the bottom of the door or vertically are prone to water leakage. 

How to Fix Water Leaking Where Glass Panels Meet 

This can be caused by improper installation and/or inaccurate measurements of the shower space. This problem is more common with DIY installation. Glass enclosures can be very difficult to install, especially for homeowners with no experience. When the glass panels do not meet, water will run out the gap and onto the floor. Fortunately, this problem is a fairly simple fix. To remedy this issue, you’ll need to install a door seal between the panels to prevent any water from escaping. 

How to Fix Shower Leaking from the Bottom of the Door 

Frameless doors tend to leak more often from the bottom of the door. This is caused by an improperly installed or broken door sweep. If the sweep is broken you can replace it. If the door sweep is misaligned or installed improperly, you can adjust the sweep and run the shower to ensure you’ve adjusted it correctly to prevent the water from running out. If the door sweep appears to be in good condition but you’re still dealing with a leakage issue, take a look at the shower curb. If the curb lacks the slope needed to prevent water leakage you must contact a professional to handle this issue and redo the tile work. 

When it’s Time to Upgrade Your Bathroom 

After locating the glass shower door leak and identifying the cause, the next step may be purchasing replacement parts or you may have realized it’s time to upgrade your old shower door. If it’s time to update your shower and get rid of leaks for good, contact the pros at Wise Glass today. 

While some leaky shower enclosures can be a simple fix, some may need to be replaced and installed properly. Outdated framed shower doors can continue to leak over time, regardless of how often you caulk them. When you know it’s time to make some serious changes to your shower, so you can enjoy the bathroom you deserve and have always wanted, it’s time to contact the pros. At Wise Glass, we know how important it is to have a bathroom that not only looks beautiful but functions properly. 

If it’s time to replace your old shower door, our glass contractors can meet with you to discuss design options, take accurate measurements of your bathroom and shower layout, and help you choose a new shower door and enclosure that will add value, functionality, and elegance to your bathroom. 

Contact Wise Glass Today 

If it’s time to replace that outdated shower, contact the team at Wise Glass today for a free quote. Our experienced and knowledgeable glass contractors are here to help you design the spa-like bathroom of your dreams, at a price that’s affordable.

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