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When you’re remodeling your bathroom, investing in a custom frameless shower door or shower enclosure can have the most impact in terms of improving the functionality and the look and feel of your bathroom. At Wise Glass, we offer custom designs, not off-the-shelf glass doors that may or may not fit your shower. With a custom door or enclosure, you’ll get a result that can completely transform your bathroom, a door that won’t leak, and customization options that will allow you to showcase your style and important details in your bathroom, such as beautiful tile work.

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When you choose to update your bathroom with a frameless shower door and enclosure install, there are numerous advantages that you’ll enjoy, including:

Customization Options

With a custom door, you can have total control of every design aspect, including glass color, glass etching, the style of the door, and what hardware will be used. You won’t run into any issues that often come with a poor-fitting prefabricated door, and you can have the door designed and installed by professionals.

The glass used for frameless shower enclosures is much heavier than what you’ll find on a traditional framed shower enclosure, adding to the enclosure’s stability and durability.

At Wise Glass, we use heavy glass that is ⅜ inch to ½ inch thick. The thicker glass panels and the low-profile hardware also ensures a minimal, clean look. This style is perfect for homeowners who favor a contemporary, modern look, or those who want a bathroom that has a spa-like feel.

Our heavy glass shower doors and enclosures are durable, sturdy, and built to last.

Better Light Flow

Light flow in a bathroom is pretty important for grooming purposes, plus, more light flowing throughout your bathroom can create the illusion of a bigger space. Because this type of shower enclosure does not have a frame that can block the flow of light you’ll enjoy better lighting and the benefit of having a bathroom that appears more spacious.

A Shower That’s Easy to Maintain

If you were tired of spending your free time cleaning your outdated shower and dealing with mold, bacteria, soap scum, or mildew, then you’ll love the simple, easy-to-clean design that frameless shower doors offer.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Many homes have outdated bathrooms. Why? Bathrooms can be pricey to update, so most homeowners simply don’t bother. However, frameless shower glass doors are the latest trend in home improvement and are considered a more affordable upgrade compared to a total bathroom remodel. Additionally, by making this important upgrade, you’re adding more value to your home, so if you do decide to sell, this small change can be huge in terms of your home’s listing price. It will also attract more potential buyers.

Custom Shower Doors and Enclosures

Why is custom better? Isn’t custom more expensive? These are common questions homeowners tend to ask when they’re weighing the pros and cons of getting a custom shower door and enclosure versus buying a prefabricated shower door from their local home improvement store. Are custom shower doors more expensive? Yes. But if you’ve ever made the mistake of purchasing a prefabricated door and dealt with the fallout, such as a door that doesn’t shut properly, large gaps between the glass panels and wall, or a water-damaged bathroom floor that was caused by a leaking shower, you’ll quickly realize that a higher price it worth it for a door that’s custom-fit and specifically designed for your shower.

Types of Glass

A reputable glass company will only use high-quality premium glass that’s much heavier than the glass used for traditional framed doors.

You will also be able to choose from a variety of glass types, such as opaque or frosted,  both of which offer a bit of privacy, and clear, or crystal clear. You can also have your shower door personalized with a sandblasted border or design, for a more custom look.

A frameless glass shower enclosure can also include notching and special finished edge work around the decorative tile, or you can use bent glass.

Shower Doors Designed with Your Unique Bathroom in Mind

When a door is custom-designed for your home, a glass contractor will visit your home to take precise, accurate measurements of your shower and bathroom walls to ensure a proper fit. They will also take into consideration your bathroom’s layout. If you have a shower that has an irregular shape, a corner shower, or a smaller or larger than an average shower, a custom door is the answer.

Hardware Options

A glass company will also carry a wide variety of both designer and standard styles of hardware. This takes customization up a notch and allows you to match the hardware on your new shower door with that of your existing bathroom decor. This can give your bathroom a seamless look.

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At Wise Glass LLC in Denton, we know that having a frameless glass shower door and enclosure installed is a huge investment for homeowners. Our team of dedicated glass contractors will go above and beyond to ensure your new shower is designed to your bathroom’s exact specifications and your design preferences and that it’s installed correctly and on time. At Wise Glass, excellent customer service and quality workmanship are our main priorities.

If you’re ready to make this important investment and enjoy the many benefits associated with these elegant, yet durable glass shower doors, contact us today for a free quote and let the team at Wise Glass transform your bathroom at a price you can afford.

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