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How to Choose a Mirror Size for Your Bathroom Vanity

The mirror is one of the last things you look at before going out and is essential in daily grooming activities such as shaving, applying makeup, and styling your hair. Choosing the best mirror for your needs is an art in and of itself.

In this article, we will discuss how to choose the best custom mirror for your bathroom vanity.

How Wide Should a Vanity Mirror Be? 

Though it is a personal preference, and there is no hard and fast rule, you cannot simply choose any bathroom mirror size. However, the size has a significant impact on the overall appearance.

When placing the mirror, it is essential to consider the bathroom size, countertop, sink basin area, and ceiling height. The gap from the ceiling should be 6 to 7 inches and 2 to 4 inches from the countertop and sink basin. The height and width of a 36- or 38-inch vanity can be between 34 to 36 inches.

If your bathroom has a double vanity, your mirror should be between 70 and 72 inches wide. For single-sink vanities, your mirror should not exceed the width of the sink.

If you want to install two mirrors of the same size, choose a mirror with a maximum width of 20 inches and a maximum height of 30 inches.

How Tall Should a Vanity Mirror Be? 

When shopping for perfect vanity mirrors for your bathroom design, the most crucial factor is who will be using the mirror. The key is to place your mirror at eye level for the majority of users. However, because a vanity mirror is typically used by women, men, and sometimes children, determining how tall can be difficult.

Women are typically 5’5′′ tall, while men are 5’10” tall. The mirror should be positioned approximately a foot below and above eye level. If at all possible, your vanity mirror should not reach all the way to the ceiling. It’s best to be less than 10 inches shorter, at minimum, between the top of your vanity mirror and the ceiling.

A tall mirror in the bathroom can give an illusion of space which is an excellent way to enhance the interior and make it seem more spacious.

Consider Functionality 

Many people need to give more thought to the selection of a mirror. It is, after all, just a mirror. Right? No, not exactly. Looking away from a mirror can have negative consequences. It’s more about carefully selecting your space and interior. A good mirror will provide a clear reflection, but a great mirror will improve your way of life.

When choosing a bathroom mirror, you must first consider your vanity size. The bathroom mirror can make or break the room’s aesthetic. Decorative bathroom mirrors are a must-have in any ensuite, guest, or half bathroom.

Your custom-sized mirror must also be functional. When looking for functionality, you can consider a stylish vanity mirror that works for your bathroom design. You can consider a medicine cabinet mirror, a mirror that can hold your potted plants, a mirror with storage, and other items. When strategically placed, Mirrors reflect light into dark corners and make a bathroom appear more prominent. Whatever you choose should match the overall aesthetic of the space.

Consider Lighting

There are several factors to consider when installing a custom mirror with lights in your bathroom. For example, does the width of the vanity lighting matter compared to the bathroom mirror? Let’s take a look at a general rule of thumb.

A good general rule of thumb is that the width of your vanity light should be no wider than the mirror itself. Ideally, the vanity mirror looks best when it’s a third of the width of the sink. If your vanity light extends beyond the mirror, it should not be wider than the vanity.

Many lighting experts recommend that your vanity light is at most 75% of the mirror’s width. For example, if your mirror is 60 inches wide, your light should be at most 45 inches wide.

This will give your bathroom an even, balanced appearance. However, select the light you believe looks best and provide the illumination required in the space. Ultimately, you will be using the bathroom and should be comfortable with your chosen lighting.

Consider Style 

Another factor to consider with the choice of bathroom mirrors is your bathroom style. For example, choose a light with more bulbs if you want a more modern appearance. This will result in a cleaner, sleeker appearance. However, a light with fewer bulbs would be a better choice if you want a more traditional look.

Alternatively, if you have a gold bathroom faucet with a more traditional design, a gold vanity fixture with two larger bulbs may complement it, which is also a popular choice. A vanity light with multiple small bulbs in a chrome finish would be preferable if you have a more modern bathroom with a chrome faucet.

Decorative bathroom mirror shapes improve the style of a bathroom while also creating the illusion of a brighter or larger space. Replace your old mirror with a perfect bathroom mirror to update the look of your space. 

How Do Double Mirrors Affect the Size You Should Choose? 

Double mirrors are the perfect choice for double-sink vanities. You can opt for a straightforward, traditional look — like square or rectangular mirrors — or pick a statement piece in an interesting shape like oval, round, or teardrop style. Whatever works best for your bathroom design.

We’re also big fans of playing with texture and even going the vintage route. When it comes to double vanity bathroom mirrors, you can choose pieces that emphasize your vanity’s length or create the illusion of more space.2

Alternatively, a single mirror instead of two double vanity bathroom mirrors can make your powder room feel much more significant. You can choose either frameless mirrors or framed mirrors. 

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Choosing the correct mirror for your bathroom vanity can instantly improve your space’s aesthetics and functionality. 

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