Wise Glass uses low-E glass that provides a number of advantages over non-coated glass, glass replacement

Low-E glass is coated in anti-reflective metal oxide that reflects infrared radiation. This feature keeps your home cool in the summer, prevents loss of heat during the winter, and also reduces the fading that happens to your furniture, curtains, and carpet when ultraviolet light hits them .Low-E glass is one of the most impressive glass options available today.

 Benefits of low-E glass include:

  • Higher levels of home comfort – the coating on low-E glass helps regulate your home’s temperature at a desirable temperature by keeping heat from the sun out during the summer, and keeping heat from escaping your home during the winter.

  • Potential savings on every bills – because low-E glass helps keep heat out or in depending on the season, your home’s heating and cooling systems should not have to work as hard to achieve the temperature you prefer in your home. This makes them a great choice if you are interested in energy efficiency.

  • Furniture protection – The UV radiation that enters your home along with sunlight can have harmful fading effects on your carpet, furniture, curtains, and wall coverings.

wise glass offers glass replacement, glass repairs, broken glass, foggy glass, and window repairs. anything that involves glass we do.

The low-E glass our texas manufacturers use is Cardinal LoE 366 glass. LoE 366 has two panels of insulated glass, and the inside of the exterior pane is coated with a triple layer of silver. We choose to work with this low-E glass because it:

  • Provides a high level of solar control and fading protection, blocking 95% of the sub’s damaging ultraviolet rays

  • Won’t obscure your view, delivering a high level of visibility

  • Has two panes, which keeps your home better insulated and more energy efficient

  • Utilizes a triple layer coating which outperforms the tinted glass often utilized in texas

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