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No-Fuss Brilliance: Effortless Ways to Clean and Maintain Frameless Shower Doors

One of the biggest selling points for frameless glass shower doors and enclosures is the fact that they’re much easier to clean and maintain compared to a traditional framed shower enclosure. However, it’s still important to clean them regularly to prevent mold, mildew, and soap scum, and to get rid of streaks and smudges. Learning a few simple and effective tips and tricks to clean shower glass doors can help you keep your frameless glass shower door and enclosure looking good around the clock and prevent the need for a time-consuming weekly or monthly deep clean.

Frameless glass shower doors are an elegant and stylish addition to any bathroom. With proper care and maintenance, you can keep your shower doors in excellent condition year after year. In this guide, you’ll find valuable tips for cleaning your shower doors and enclosure, for a fast and simple way to maintain your shower and keep it looking new.

How Often Should You Clean Your Shower Doors? 

Frameless glass shower doors and enclosures are prone to soap scum buildup and mineral deposits. This can result in permanent etching and damage. To prevent hard water stains, the glass should be cleaned after each shower, using a squeegee to wipe down the glass. To do this, begin at one of the top corners, applying pressure when dragging the squeegee, causing the water to run down the glass. Repeat this process until you have removed all of the water from the glass. If you don’t want to use a squeegee, you can also use a microfiber towel.

Use a Shower Spray 

To remove shaving cream, mold, mildew, soap scum, and other buildup, you can use a gentle shower spray. Use hot water, and mix one-part white vinegar with three parts water. Pour into a spray bottle. You can spray down the glass, waiting five minutes for the solution to break down any buildup. Use a squeegee or microfiber cloth to wipe down the glass. Next, use cold distilled water to rinse off the solution.

Popular Commercially Available Cleaners 

If you need a tougher product to clean or protect your shower glass, try using a gentle commercial product. There are countless shower cleaning products to choose from. However, you’ll want to avoid using any products that are abrasive. 

Lemon Pledge is commonly used to clean and rejuvenate wood surfaces, but it can also work to prevent soap scum build-up. To use this popular shower hack, spray down the glass with Pledge and allow it to sit for 20 minutes. Wipe down the glass with a microfiber cloth, rinsing off the spray with distilled water.

Using a mixture of white vinegar and Dawn, you can eliminate tough grime such as soap or shaving cream. It can also melt soap scum if left to sit on the glass for 20-30 minutes. After scrubbing the glass with the Dawn and vinegar mixture, rinse with cold water.

Homemade Shower Cleaning Solutions 

White vinegar and water is a popular DIY shower cleaning product that many homeowners swear by. Spray down the entire shower, using a microfiber cloth to wipe away the solution and any remaining grime or dirt. Make sure you reach the edges and corners of the glass as these are areas that often collect soap scum and dirt.

Clean your shower glass using lemon juice and distilled water. You’ll need a microfiber cloth, distilled water, lemon juice, and a spray bottle. Take three tablespoons of lemon juice and mix with one cup of distilled water. Pour the solution into a spray bottle. Spray down the shower glass and allow it to sit for five minutes. Wipe the solution off the glass using downward motions, making sure you buff any streaks with a dry microfiber towel.

How to Remove Scum and Water Spots

If you haven’t stayed on top of daily cleaning or it’s been a while since your shower has had a deep clean, you may be faced with a serious soap scum problem. Removing soap scum can take elbow grease and patience. Fortunately, there are a few options for cleaning products that work especially well on soap scum. Ultimately, DIY cleaning solutions tend to be just as effective and offer a more environmentally-friendly way to get rid of soap scum and restore your shower glass back to its former glory.

Undiluted white vinegar is a gentle, safe, and effective soap scum cleaner. While it’s effective on its own, you can also add other ingredients, such as liquid soap, to increase its cleaning power.

For persistent soap scum stains, a baking soda paste can eliminate buildup. You’ll need to mix one part vinegar and two parts baking soda to create a thick paste. Apply the mixture directly to the soap scum, leaving it on for a period of 15-20 minutes.

Once you’ve chosen your cleaning product to combat soap scum, it should be applied liberally all over the shower glass.

After the cleaning product has had time to soften the grime, use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the glass surface from top to bottom. With tough soap scum, this can require some elbow grease and a soft-bristled brush. If using a brush, avoid stiff bristles and other types of abrasive cleaning tools that can potentially scratch the glass.

Using a clean wet cloth, rinse off the cleaning solution and soap scum remnants.

Don’t forget to clean the shower door track during this time. The cleaning product should be sprayed into the track and allowed to sit for 15-20 minutes. Use a toothbrush or another type of small brush to scrub the entire track, rinsing well with warm water. 

How to Make Your Shower Glass Sparkle

Streaks on shower glass can be difficult to remove. Fortunately, some commercial glass cleaners are gentle, tough, and able to easily remove the tough streaks and water stains on glass that vinegar cannot. Choose a glass cleaner with a pH range of 7 or 8. Avoid using acid-based cleaners, scouring pads, sharp instruments, or anything abrasive when cleaning shower glass. To protect the glass and easily eliminate streaks, use paper towels, a microfiber cloth, or another type of lint-free cloth. Spray down the glass and wipe using downward motions to remove streaks, spots, and smudges.

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Cleaning and maintaining shower glass can be fast and easy, with regular care and attention. By following the tips in this guide, you can keep your new shower enclosure functioning well and looking great for many years to come. However, if your bathroom has an older, traditional framed shower and the glass is stained, discolored, or there is etching damage, no amount of cleaning can restore the glass back to its former pristine condition. If it’s time to upgrade your outdated shower, contact Wise Glass today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced glass contractors. We can meet with you to discuss your showering needs, go over the design options available, and help you transform your bathroom into the spa-like environment you’ve always dreamed of. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.