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The Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning Frameless Glass Shower Doors 

Glass shower doors are an excellent addition to any bathroom. New shower doors will revitalize any area that feels lackluster or out-of-date in your bathroom and make it feel more elegant. You’ll love the sense of beauty that clear, frosted, tinted, or textured doors add to your bathroom.

Shower doors, like any other fixture in your home, require regular maintenance and some attention and upkeep. Organically, keeping your frameless shower doors clean and clear is quite simple.

Here are some shower door cleaning suggestions for you.

Do’s of Cleaning Your Frameless Glass Shower Doors 

Now that you have your luxurious bathroom, you might notice the hard water spots  that dry on your custom glass shower doors. Those with hard water in their taps will notice calcium and mineral deposits on the surface after the water evaporates.

Soap scum accumulates and settles on the glass with its white patch, which has a very dirty appearance. Mold and mildew grow in damp environments, leaving your entire shower looking and feeling unpleasant.  

Do clean your custom shower regularly. Remove any stains, etching, or soap scum that has accumulated on the surface of your frameless glass shower enclosure for a clean shower glass door. 

Establish a Regular Shower Cleaning Schedule 

As previously stated, keeping shower doors clean and clear regularly is quite simple. Create and stick to a shower glass door cleaning routine. Here are some suggestions:

  • Wipe your shower door down after you take a shower. Shower doors are still mildew prone. Keep a dry microfiber cloth or squeegee nearby to remind you to clean the doors after each use. You can also use a daily shower cleaner as well. Make sure to inform everyone else in your family as well! It’s a quick and easy task that only takes a few seconds.
  • Clean your frameless shower enclosure weekly or biweekly, and deep clean your shower monthly. 
  • Pro Tip: Mix baking soda and water to form a paste. Dip a cloth into the mixture and scrub your shower doors gently. Plain, undiluted white vinegar will do the trick. After wiping them down, apply the vinegar with a soft microfiber cloth to kill germs and remove unwanted mildew.

Use the Right Cleaners 

You must take care of your lovely new frameless shower glass so that it will last for many years. First, make it a habit to always clean the glass. We recommend using gentle or organic cleaners like Magic Eraser, Lemon oil polish, or a high-quality shower glass protector. Numerous cleaning products are available; simply choose a glass cleaner designed specifically for shower doors free of toxic chemicals.

Develop a regular cleaning routine. Plan to wipe your shower doors every night after the last person has bathed for the day. This is also the best time to clean your shower because the warm water has already loosened up the grime. Use multi-purpose cleaning pads or a soft sponge.  For a simple DIY shower cleaner, try using a mild soap-and-water solution or mix a 1/2-cup undiluted vinegar and dish soap.   

Don’ts of Cleaning Your Frameless Glass Shower Doors 

Shower glass doors and walls that are dirty can make an otherwise clean bathroom appear dirty. Be sure to start cleaning your shower before you see grime building up. With frequent cleaning and a lot of determination, those hard water spots, soap scum, or mildew don’t stand a chance!

For clean glass shower doors, you must clean them frequently. Some people believe shower doors tend themselves, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth! If you don’t want to clean your doors after each use, try to wash them every few days.

Avoid Abrasive Cleaners 

It is essential to avoid using abrasive products like Comet, Ajax, or anything containing cerium oxide. While effective in cleaning many other surfaces, Abrasive cleaners can damage glass and are not recommended. It’s also best to avoid abrasive brushes or sharp objects as these can scratch the glass.

You may not notice any problems at first, but these will be detrimental to your shower doors in the long run. You want your doors to last as long as possible, and harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners will only shorten their lifespan.

Don’t Forget to Clean the Shower Door Tracks 

Remember to clean the metal tracks for framed glass shower doors as well. Door handles, metal tracks, and the inside of your shower should be cleaned regularly. These can be easy to forget, but if mold starts to build up, it will affect the entire bathroom space.

Check for soap scum or grime buildup in the metal tracks. Clean tracks will make operating the shower doors easier and look spotless. You can help with the cleaning by using acidic white vinegar.

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