The Ultimate Guide to Shower Door Maintenance

Maintaining your glass shower doors can seem like a challenge since glass is a magnet for smudges, fingerprints, and water spots. A dirty glass shower door can bring down the overall appearance of your bathroom, not to mention the shower door itself. If you’ve found it challenging to keep your shower glass clean, you’re not alone. Fortunately, this guide can teach you some tips and tricks that will help you stay on top of shower door maintenance and keep your glass, and your bathroom looking great all week long.

Installing glass shower doors can elevate the look and feel of your bathroom. Unlike old shower curtains that can be washed or tossed once they’re dirty, shower glass requires regular care to keep it looking great. Knowing how to keep your shower glass looking spotless is the key to creating a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere.

Have a Regular Cleaning Schedule 

If you don’t stay on top of keeping your shower glass clean, you may be looking at a big job, the longer you put it off. Creating a cleaning routine and learning the right way to clean your shower glass allows you to handle the job in a matter of minutes. Unlike other types of shower doors, frameless shower glass needs daily upkeep. This type of routine can prevent mineral buildup, stubborn stains, and streaks, and helps you stay on top of fingerprints and smudges, which can instantly bring down the appearance of your shower.

If you clean your shower daily, you’ll only have to deal with deep cleaning the shower once or twice a month. However, if you find it challenging to clean your shower glass every day, choose a day of the week to give it a good wipe-down.

Daily Upkeep 

Your shower glass should be cleaned on a daily basis, ideally after each family member uses the shower. Doing so is the best way to keep your shower clean and streak-free. Proper cleaning and regular upkeep should only take a couple of minutes. You can use a commercial bathroom cleaner or simple DIY cleaners, then spray the glass and use a squeegee to prevent soap scum, and remove fingerprints, and streaks. You can also use a glass cleaner and spray the shower glass down at the end of the day and wipe it down with a squeegee.

Water stains on shower doors are one of the biggest problems homeowners struggle with. Water has minerals in it that will leave deposits behind on the glass if you don’t wipe it down and allow it to dry there instead.

Use the Right Glass Cleaning Solutions

There are several types of commercial shower cleaners to choose from that can leave your shower door clean and streak-free. If you decide to use a commercial product, make sure it specifically mentions it’s designed for glass. You can spray the glass down with the product and wipe it off using a soft cloth. Doing so will help remove smudges and streaks.

Natural cleaning products, such as a vinegar cleaning solution, can also keep your shower glass spotless. To clean the glass using vinegar, grab a microfiber cloth or a damp sponge, and a spray bottle, then create a solution using one cup of vinegar and four cups of warm water. This mixture will naturally kill any germs that are living on the surface of the glass and can eliminate streaks, water stains, and smudges, and prevent the formation of mildew. Using a natural cleaning agent is a safe, affordable way to clean your shower door.

Glass Cleaning Products to Avoid

Caring for your glass shower the right way is important. Certain products can damage the surface of the glass or make fingerprints, smudges, and streaks worse. Never use any cleaning products that contain ammonia or bleach, and avoid abrasive cleaning pads and abrasive cleaning agents. Over time, these products can corrode the shower door’s hardware and the glass, causing permanent damage. 

While some acidic shower cleaning products claim to easily remove hard water stains, they can lead to etching, damaging the glass and causing it to lose its luster and sheen. Glass cleaners that are alkaline-based are tough on stains and gentle on glass.

You should also avoid using the same cleaning product for every bathroom surface. Shower door cleaners are meant for glass surfaces only, while tile cleaners are meant for tile, etc.

Cleaning Your Shower Door Hardware

A simple mixture of dish soap and water is the best cleaner for the hardware on your glass shower door. Another option is white vinegar and water, or a commercial glass cleaner. When cleaning the hardware, make sure you avoid using any type of abrasive or harsh chemicals, since these types of cleaners can damage the hardware’s finish.

When cleaning the shower head and hardware on your shower door, you can apply the appropriate cleaning solution using a soft cloth and wiping it down. Make sure you thoroughly rinse off the hardware once you’re done, to eliminate any residue.

Extra Attention for Shower Door Tracks 

Shower tracks are often overlooked, which is what can make them a challenge to clean once you decide to deep clean your shower. However, if you neglect the tracks they’ll quickly become a breeding ground for mildew and mold. While unsightly, mildew and mold can also lead to health issues if you fail to take care of the problem quickly.

To clean shower door tracks, use a soft sponge and begin by removing any debris or buildup of soap scum. You can use a toothbrush to access those hard-to-reach areas. Once all of the debris and gunk have been removed from the tracks, use a cleaning product to remove any remaining grime and dirt.

There are several types of commercial products available that you can use to eliminate shower door gunk and grime. However, there are also natural cleaning products and cheap solutions you can use to remove calcium deposits. White vinegar is a natural, effective option that won’t damage the track’s finish. Make sure you thoroughly rinse out the track to remove any traces of grime or the cleaning product. Some homeowners also swear by dryer sheets to clean out the tracks. Simply rub a couple of dryer sheets along the tracks to pick up and remove any gunk or debris. 

What Is the Best Shower Glass Door Style for Cleaning and Upkeep?

Frameless glass shower doors are the best choice if you’re looking for an elegant, low-maintenance option that can instantly elevate the look and feel of your bathroom. Because frameless glass shower doors lack a bulky metal frame, you won’t have to spend as much time maintaining them. Maintenance is as simple as wiping down the glass with a squeegee after each shower and a simple deep clean once or twice a month.

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