European-Style Frameless Glass Doors

Upgrade Your Shower With European-Style Frameless Glass Doors

If you’ve been keeping up with the interior design trends, you’ve probably seen numerous forums talking about Euro-Style Shower Installations. 

European Frameless Glass will upgrade your shower into a sleek, minimalistic space that offers a spa-like experience right at home. They have played an important role in the transformation of the ordinary bathroom from a functional space to a home retreat.

With sliding or hinged configurations, the best frameless shower doors provide elegance to your bathroom space. These Euro shower doors are also known as frameless glass shower doors.

In this article, we will share all the benefits you need to know the Euro-Style Shower Designs.

Types of European Shower Doors

A bathroom remodel can be a great investment whether you plan to sell your home in the future or want to make it your forever/dream home. Homeowners have a lot of seemingly minor but difficult decisions to make that bring their home together, from selecting the right fixtures to selecting the ideal paint colors.

The decisions that homeowners make during a remodel can make or break the value of their home. Choosing the right shower doors for your bathroom space is one of those options.

Glass shower enclosures are created with several different types of glass and can be either semi-frameless shower doors, framed shower doors or in frameless options. You can choose from clear glass, frosted glass, rain glass and tinted glass. We will discuss a few of these popular frameless options below:

Sliding Shower Doors

Sliding shower doors or bypass doors are the most popular type of European-Style Shower Doors. These slide from side to side and take up the least amount of space and are ideal for corner, stand-alone showers, and bathtubs that boast a shower/tub configuration.

Pivot Shower Doors

These are swinging shower doors that rest on a floor-mounted hinge that allows for a 180-degree rotation. They open both inward and outward. Pivot doors are more modern and more likely to be found in newer homes. While pivot doors are pretty and sleek, they’re not great for small spaces.

Steam Shower Doors

These doors are designed to help a shower stall double as a steam room. To keep the steam in, the door must fit tightly from floor to ceiling and along the sides. The hinges are designed to be airtight to prevent steam from escaping, and the panels come equipped with air-tight seals. These doors come with moveable panels—called transoms—that act as vents.

Neo-Angle Shower Doors

If you have a small space and a corner shower, a neo-angle door may be the best option . This type of door, consisting of two side panels and a flat front edge, cuts across the 90-degree angle created by the corner shower, creating a diamond-shaped floor space for showering.

Advantages of European Shower Doors

Here are some of the reasons why you might want to install a custom shower in your bathroom:

Open Up Your Space

If you like open space and light, the frameless shower enclosure will bring that feeling into your bathroom. With this shower design, even a small bathroom will appear larger.


If you have an odd-shaped bathroom where traditional shower enclosures will not fit, one of the most significant advantages of frameless shower doors is their ability to be customized in size and shape.

Visually Appealing

Perhaps the most appealing feature of Euro shower doors is their sleek and elegant design. These doors have an upscale appearance, similar to those found in a luxury hotel. Plus, they add value to your home.

Easy to Clean

These custom glass shower doors are easy to clean. You can spray cleaning solution on the glass doors and walls before using a squeegee or clean cloth to remove it.

Reduced Risk of Mold and Mildew

Frameless shower enclosures don’t give mold a place to start growing. These shower doors have fewer joints, seals, and seams than framed shower doors, leaving fewer nooks and crannies where mold and mildew can gain a foothold.

Are European Shower Doors Right for Your Space? 

Yes, they are! Besides increasing the overall value of your home, frameless shower doors are a popular choice because they are beautiful and modern in appearance. These frameless doors have thicker glass and will improve the overall look of your ordinary bathroom, making it look trendier.

European shower enclosures are simple to clean and lack the heavy metal frames found in framed shower doors. This also makes the shower area appear larger than it is, and cleanup is simple because there isn’t much to clean other than the glass surface itself.

Because there are no grooves or frames surrounding the glass, they don’t collect a lot of soap scum, mold and mildew, making them far more hygienic and long lasting.

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