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Why Frameless Shower Doors are Safe

Many homeowners are concerned that a frameless shower door may crack or shatter with regular daily use. There’s also concern that tiny side fractures can lead to serious damage within a matter of days.

Others mistakenly believe that traditional framed shower doors are stronger because they have the support of metal and hardware, making it a safer option for bathrooms. However, according to the experts at Wise Glass, this simply isn’t true. 

Common Concerns

Many people worry that a the frameless shower door will simply shatter if it gets even a minor crack. They believe this is due to the level of heat used to create the glass. 

While it’s true that a frameless shower door can crack or break, the risk is no higher than with other types of shower doors. Any shower door that’s made out of glass is at risk of breaking. 

Safety Glass 

Federal codes require that glass shower doors be made out of tempered glass. Tempered glass is tougher and thicker than the glass you’ll find on some models of framed shower doors. The use of tempered glass significantly reduces the risks of serious injury, if the door were to shatter. The glass goes through a unique manufacturing process that involves rapidly cooling to strengthen the glass. This process makes the glass more durable and safer. When tempered glass breaks, instead of glass shards and jagged pieces, it will break into pebbles. 

Additionally, this type of glass is the same glass that’s commonly used for bakeware and coffee makers, which proves just how safe and capable it is of withstanding hot water temperatures. 

How to Further Reduce the Risk of Damaging Your Frameless Glass Shower Door 

When it comes to frameless glass shower doors, you won’t find another style that’s safer. However, you can continue to reduce the risk of damaging your shower door and glass shower enclosure by following the tips below:

  • Always be careful when closing or opening your shower door and never allow it to bang into a wall. 
  • Avoid slamming the door 
  • Avoid hitting the glass with your hand or a heavy object. 
  • Speak with your children about the proper way to use the shower door to prevent rough use
  • Don’t buy a door off-the-shelf and install it yourself. Mass produced doors must meet federal codes, meaning they’ll be equipped with tempered glass, but you won’t really know what quality the glass is.  Additionally, if you do not have experience and attempt to install the door yourself, not only are you risking the chance of improperly installing the door and dealing with leaks, but you may also damage the door in the process. A door that’s not installed correctly is not safe and will not last nearly as long as a door that is installed by a glass contractor. 
  • Find a reputable glass company that will create a custom shower door that’s built tough and designed to last. Look for a company that has a team of knowledgeable, experienced glass contractors, and a reputation for its high-quality workmanship. 
  • Regularly inspect your shower door or glass enclosure. Carefully look over your shower door and enclosure glass panels to look for any potential issues. When you check your frameless glass door and enclosure, look for any moving panels and ensure the glass is securely attached. Check all hardware to ensure it’s tight and secure. Look for cracks or chips in the glass. 
  • Choose thicker glass for your door. You can choose between glass that’s ½ inch thick or ⅜ inch thick. Thicker glass will not flex as much as thinner glass, making it feel more stable and solid. 

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After reading this article, you’ve probably come to realize that the glass used in frameless shower doors is more durable and safer than you previously thought. If you’re interested in learning more about the glass used in high-quality custom frameless doors, the design and style options available, and whether a frameless shower door would be a great addition to your unique bathroom, contact the pros at Wise Glass today to speak with one of our knowledgeable glass contractors and to get a free quote.

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