Professional Install of Shower Glass

Why It’s Worth Hiring a Professional to Install Your Shower Glass

Updating your bathroom by installing a frameless glass shower door and enclosure is a major bathroom remodeling job and it’s a great way to add functionality and value to your home, but even better, you’ll finally have that modern, elegant bathroom you’ve always dreamed of. However, there’s one big decision you have to make. Should you handle the shower door installation yourself or have a professional shower installer do it for you? If you’re on a tight budget, the answer may seem clear, but in reality, installing this type of complex frameless shower enclosure yourself could end up costing you big.


Why it’s Worth the Cost to Hire a Professional to Install Your Shower Glass


Installing a glass shower door is a major bathroom renovation project. These kinds of shower doors are difficult to install and require proper tools, knowledge, and experience. A professional glass contractor has a level of experience that comes from years of training and working with experts in the field. They know how to handle the shower door installation process without damaging the glass, and how to avoid installing a shower door that doesn’t work well with the available space in your bathroom, or leaving gaps that result in leaks. These are all common mistakes that many homeowners have made and it can cost you big in wasted bathroom materials. 

When you make this type of important upgrade, you want to do it right. Not only do you want it installed by professionals, but by a company that designs custom shower doors and enclosures. Why? Every bathroom is unique. When you have a custom frameless shower door and enclosure installed, you’ll have a shower that has been specifically designed for your bathroom. The result is a beautiful, elegant shower that functions properly, with no leaks or gaps.


Knowledge and Tricks of the Trade


There are many kinds of shower doors, some of which may not work well with your bathroom’s layout. When you hire a professional contractor, they can advise you on the right style of shower door and enclosure, one that will work well with the size and shape of your bathroom and the available space in the shower area. They also know how to handle and install the glass panels, without damaging them.


Correcting Installation Problems as They Arise


Issues can arise during the shower door installation process. Maybe there’s a problem with a panel, the shape of the shower makes it difficult to install the door and get a perfect seal, etc. When these issues come up, an expert knows exactly what to do. In most cases, these are simple fixes. If you try to handle the installation yourself and run into issues, you may end up making the problem worse or you’ll have to hire a pro to finish the job.


Precision Fitting and Handling


Before installing a frameless shower enclosure, you must take careful, accurate measurements. You must measure your shower walls, the floor, and consider your bathroom’s layout to determine which frameless shower door options will be compatible. There are many kinds of doors to choose from, depending on the size of the walk-in shower, the size of your bathroom, and whether your bathroom walls can support the weight of glass panels. This is something a professional can easily determine. If you don’t have any experience handling this type of larger shower install, you may end up with a leaky shower, or going over budget to purchase additional tools and supplies to correct any mistakes you make. 

Glass is a very delicate material that can easily be damaged if not handled properly. When tools are involved, accidentally chipping or cracking a panel is a real possibility. An expert knows how to transport, move, and install the glass safely.


Cost and Quality Differences


Bathroom remodel labor costs may be a concern of yours, but if you decide to handle this type of bathroom remodel project yourself, you’ll need to factor in the cost of materials and basic tools, in addition to the bathroom shower door cost.

A custom glass shower door is more expensive than an off the shelf framed shower door or frameless shower door. Hiring a professional shower installer will add to the cost. When you weigh the pros and cons of having a professional design and install this type of quality shower door, compared to purchasing one and doing it yourself, you’ll find that a custom door and expert installation is worth every penny. Because every bathroom is unique, you may run into issues with finding a frameless shower door and enclosure that fits your bathroom space perfectly. Aside from that, installing this type of shower can take several hours. If it’s not installed correctly, the door is too big and bangs into a wall, the door or one of the panels is somehow damaged, you could be out hundreds of dollars. Hiring a professional contractor comes with many benefits, including saving you the time, frustration, stress, and labor that comes with trying to take on this type of complex job yourself.


Warranty-Work and Materials 


Another benefit of hiring a glass company to handle this type of shower door installation for you is the work and materials will be covered by a warranty. A reputable glass company prides itself on its quality workmanship and will offer a warranty that covers their custom glass shower enclosure installation and materials.


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When you’re investing in a beautiful custom frameless glass shower door and enclosure, you want the best. Working with a team of professionals that can design a luxurious shower that will work with your bathroom’s layout perfectly, is worth every penny. Buying a framed door off the shelf at your local home improvement store can spell disaster. Not only will you run into issues with fitting the basic shower door and ensuring a tight seal, but in the event you damage the door, you’re out hundreds of dollars. This type of complex installation is best left to the experts.

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