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Why the Cost of Frameless Shower Doors Varies So Much

There are many options available these days for frameless shower doors and a variety of features to choose from, some of which can raise the price of your new frameless shower enclosure. However, the design and size of your bathroom can also impact shower door costs. 

Bathroom Size and Shower Design 

Extra-large showers will have higher labor needs and will require more materials, making it a more expensive project compared to an install for a small bathroom. However, bathrooms that have a unique or complicated design can also raise the price, even if the bathrooms is fairly small. 

Shower Glass Thickness 

Frameless doors feature shower glass that’s much thicker than what you’ll find on framed doors. 

The tempered glass used for frameless glass shower doors varies in thickness. Thicker glass can impact the overall cost of the fabrication and installation of the door. The two thicknesses commonly used  for high-quality frameless shower doors is ⅜” and ½”. High-quality tempered glass will improve the durability and longevity of your all-glass shower. 

Custom Doors 

Custom doors are designed to specifically fit your unique bathroom. A glass contractor will meet with you to discuss bathroom design options, measure your shower and bathroom, and help you choose a frameless shower door and enclosure that will complement your bathroom and work with your budget. When you choose a custom door over an off-the-shelf model, you’ll have more design options to choose from, including glass type such as etched glass, clear, ultra-clear, or frosted, the hardware used, and more. 

While custom doors tend to be more costly compared to a standard off-the-shelf model or a framed shower door, it comes with many benefits. With a custom door, you’ll get a door that not only blends well with your bathroom and shows off the beautiful tile in your shower, but you’ll also get a door that you know will fit your existing shower or new shower enclosure perfectly, because it was specifically designed for your bathroom. 

Are Custom Glass Shower Doors Worth the Higher Price Tag?

When you’re choosing a new shower door for your bathroom, quality matters. The chances of encountering leaks due to a poor fit are high when you purchase a shower door from a local home improvement store. 

If you want a frameless door that’s functional, durable, and elegant, a custom frameless glass shower enclosure is the best choice. Their modern style and highly customizable design make these doors worth every penny. 

If you decide to go with a custom frameless shower design, at Wise Glass, we have experts who can help you choose a door that works with your budget and your style. Our frameless glass shower doors are highly customizable and built tough, from the finest quality glass. 

Get a Price Estimate from a Reputable Shower Door Company 

If price is a major concern for you, the best way to get an accurate idea of what this type of enclosure and custom shower door will cost you is to meet with the team at Wise Glass for a frameless shower estimate. We can come out to your home to accurately measure the shower and your bathroom layout, so we can design a frameless enclosure that fits your bathroom perfectly.

Next, we’ll sit down with you and go over the different style options and features, to help you choose the right option for your bathroom, to improve functionality and appearance. We will discuss materials, fabrication process for glass showers, and labor costs, and explain the entire shower door installation process, so you’ll know exactly what to expect. If you decide to hire us, we can work with you to plan out an installation that’s convenient for you and your family. 

At Wise Glass, we know that a glass shower installation is a big job and we will do whatever we can to avoid disturbing you and your family. 

When the big day arrives, we’ll get right to work and keep you up-to-date regarding the progress of the project, every step of the way. 

Contact the Team at Wise Glass Today to Get a Free Quote

At Wise Glass, our team works hard to bring your vision to life. If you’re ready for this type of serious bathroom upgrade, contact us today to get a free price quote. We offer custom frameless glass shower doors that are made from high-quality materials. We’re proud of the beautiful workmanship our team of qualified glass contractors produces and have built a reputation for our outstanding work. 

To learn more about what our team can do to transform your bathroom into the spa-like environment you’ve always dreamed of, give us a call today.

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